What’s A Girl To do?

I starting writing a blog post titled ’10 Things that Annoy the hell Out of Me For No Good Reason’. When I finally noticed that I was on #27 out of a list of 10, I decided to scrap that idea and write something a bit more positive. I have the propensity for negativity, a glass half-empty sort of person and I am trying to stamp that out in 2018. It doesn’t help that some of the music I listen to can be a little depressing (The Smiths) and the comedy I enjoy isn’t of the feel-good variety (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Couple that with relationships, work, finances and my health not being where they should be, and I can begin to feel rather overwhelmed. I want change. But where do I start? I decided to change 5 relatively small things across these areas of my life starting right now. Ok, so it’s not going to make my life perfect, but it might give it a wee kick up the backside? Possibly?

  1. Start eating a healthy breakfast. Every day. You know it’s bad when you find yourself logging ‘half a banoffee pie’ into My Fitness Pal at 9am.
  2. Create an biz Instagram theme. And stick to it. I used to be a prolific poster on Instagram. I haven’t posted anything on my business account for nearly 2 weeks!! I’ve lost my Instagram mojo. Having read a few online articles, and researched accounts that I like, I am going to pick a colour scheme, and formulate a daily plan of action for my posts. I’ve signed up to Schedugram again.
  3. Start contributing towards a Private Pension. I cannot believe I am 35 years old and haven’t got a pension. Due to having been self-employed for the last decade, this has been left up to me to do. There has been no employer taking contributions from my wage-slips.
  4. Go to bed earlier + wake up earlier. Get more done. This is something that simply must change. On average I go to bed at around 2am – it is 01:42am as I type this – and I don’t normally get back up until 11am. Well that’s not strictly true. I get up around 8am with my son, but once he is out the door and away to school, I usually go back to bed for a couple of hours. Sometimes with half a banoffee pie for breakfast.
  5. Do more exercise. As we are told often enough, exercise releases endorphins and can chase those blues away, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed. I wish I was the sort of person who enjoyed going for a jog every morning. The most exercise I do, is walking the dog a couple of times a day. Not really getting my heart rate up. But I must must must not allow myself to join another gym. I go religiously for a month, and then fall off the wagon and spend the next 11 months unsuccessfully trying to negotiate an early release from the gym’s contract.

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